Newborn Photos – Part 2 (Colours)

24th February 2020

In my last post I talked about neutral portraits, in this post we will take a look at colours and how a pop of colour can be used to beautifully complement newborn skin tones or combined with neutrals to create a timeless set of images.

When planning a session, I spend a lot of time upfront carefully picking out the colour theme for the sets I will use on the day of the shoot. Sometimes the parents want to include specific colours and other times they allow me to choose from my collection which I absolutely love as it allows me to really get creative.

The colours and tones are thoughtfully blended together to ensure there is a consistent theme throughout the images. The most important thing is always choosing flattering colours that style, complement but don’t detract from the main star - your beautiful newborn.

In my heart

When selecting a colour theme, I consider the skin shade and tones of the baby to choose colours that complement and enhance the natural skin tones and shade.

Have a look at the underside of your newborns arm in natural daylight, if your baby has a rosy or pink undertone and blue tinted veins this is what is known as a cool skin tone

If your baby has a golden or peachy undertone with green tinted viens this is what is known as a warm skin tone.

Anything in the middle can be considered as a neutral skin tone and colours suited to either skin tone will be flattering.

As a general rule for warm skin tones primary colours such as reds, oranges, gold/yellow, turquoise and magenta or warm neutrals such as creams or warm browns work well.

For cool skin tones bright royal or navy blues, emerald, deep purple, lavender, soft pinks or cool neutrals such as gray or bright whites work well.

In addition to choosing colours to complement the natural skin tones it is also important to consider colours that look wonderful with the newborns skin shade.

As an example, pastels / spring colours work well with light skin and cool tones and neutral creams, greys and brown shades can all work well with light skin with warmer tones.

Do you have a particular favourite colour or a colour that invokes happy thoughts?

Here are some of my client’s favourite colours.


Blue the colour of the sky and sea has a tranquil calming positive impact on the mind. The association with the ocean conveys a soothing stable feeling. It also conveys a sense of peace, strength, cleanliness and serenity.

Untitled photo

Untitled photo


A calming delicate colour often linked with femininity, tenderness and cuteness. Sweet like candy floss and bubble gum. Evoking feelings of compassion and love.

Untitled photo


The colour of sunshine, conveys feelings of hope, positivity and happiness. Yellow stimulates the senses and reminds us of the warmth of spring.

Untitled photo

As always, let me know what you think... Do you like neutrals or do you prefer colour or perhaps a combination? If in doubt and really can’t decide every baby looks wonderful in neutrals or whites. ;)

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