Newborn Photos – Colours and textures Part 1 (Neutrals)

8th September, 2020

I’ve put together this little post to provide you with some inspiration for your Newborn photos. :)

The focus of today’s article is neutral colours and textures -  whites, creams, greys, browns and beiges.

This colour palette combined with my studio's beautiful family crafted outfits and carefully chosen accessories, perfectly complements my modern minimalistic photography style.

Monochromatic setups in matching warm or cool tones are fantastic for producing beautiful timeless newborn photos that you can hang on your wall and will still look good in years to come.

I will create a Part 2 to this post at a later date covering some beautiful colour combos.

Untitled photo

Whites and Creams

The use of white in newborn photography provides a bright fresh crisp clean look with a feeling of purity and sweet innocence.

Adding different dark and lighter shade combinations of whites, cream, pearl and ivory tones allows for a variety of setups.  White is a great option and is perfectly suited to both modern and traditional photographs.

Adding in different textures with our range of family made knitted outfits, bonnets, wraps, ties and headbands allow us to create stunning images of your newborn. 

Untitled photo

Adding texture with a super soft cream flokati along with a beautifully soft luxurious knitted outfit and cute bonnet from our studio collection, evokes feelings of comfort and elegance.

Untitled photo


Greys are associated with sophistication and luxury. Warm and cool shades of grey offer endless opportunities for visually interesting newborn photos.

Combining a soft light grey wrap and hat against a dark grey hand-woven blanket produce a perfect contrast creating elegant photos.

Grey felted hearts or a hat with pom-pom offer possibilities of texture and extra dimension.

Untitled photo

Here is another example of a grey colour palette with texture and a sleepy newborn.

Untitled photo


Brown evokes strength, reliability and provides an earthy comforting richness to photos. There are so many different tones and shades to choose from... Espresso, Latte, Chocolate, Mocha, Caramel… did someone mention coffee? Don’t forget Tan, taupe, walnut, gingerbread…

Carefully added layering helps bring dimension to your photographs. Layering pieces such as  blankets and wraps are perfect for swaddling or draping your newborn and add a level of depth and sophistication to your photos.

Our brown perfect posie beanbag, shown in the image below, is a deep soft circular prop and is the ultimate in newborn comfort. Perfect for posing your newborn safely to get those snuggly shots!

Untitled photo

Another example of complementary brown tones, soft textures and a sleepy newborn... bliss!

Stayed tuned for part 2. Let me know what you think... Do you like neutrals or do you prefer other colour palettes?

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